Why Repipe?

The short answer is: a home repipe is a permanent cure that saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Repipe Specialists provides PEX repiping that is affordable, super fast and guaranteed for life!

Do You Experience Low Water Pressure?
Low water pressure is a very early sign of plumbing trouble. Ultimately, water pipes (especially galvanized pipes) suffer from interior corrosion and build-up that limits water flow. Because the entry pressure of the water is continuous, that pressure can ultimately lead to leaks expanding, which in-turn may harm walls and cause mold development.

Do you get Scalded while in the Shower as soon as Someone Flushes a Toilet?
This is the result of constricted water pipes and suggests plumbing corrosion. Your plumbing was designed to support all water outputs together. Restricted flow because of internal corrosion or leaky pipes will cause cold water to be drained from the shower when it is needed for the toilet or sink. That leaves you with only hot water and unfortunately, you probably know what that feels like! Contact us today and never be scalded in the shower again!

Do you want to be Proactive in Preventing Plumbing Issues?
A PEX repipe is a full restoration of your home plumbing. It means that you can take a comfortable shower, run the dishwasher, water the lawn, launder clothes and use your faucet simultaneously. A home repipe can also prevent highly-priced maintenance issues for a lifetime, because that is the length of our lifetime guarantee! Yes, remove “plumbing trouble” from your list of items to stress about!

Are Your Pipes Over 5 Years Old?
Pipes age and degrade. Pipes made out of inferior materials like low-quality copper, old galvanized steel, Polybutylene and cut price plastics are just not built to keep working and will begin to drain your bank account as well. Local plumbers refer to Polybutylene pipes as “ticking time bombs” as it is often simply a matter of time before they fail, costing you thousands and thousands in water damage and repair bills. If your plumbing is greater than 5 years old and you’re experiencing difficulty, you need to contact Repipe Specialists to get a professional PEX repipe which has a lifetime guarantee.

Is Your Water Rust-Colored or Yellow?
The “rusty water in the bathtub” affliction is a certain sign of corrosion inside your plumbing matrix. This doesn’t just contaminate your household and shower water, it also may cause your clothing to be discolored in your washing machine and decreases the lifespan of water filters. As with other indicators, discolored water can indicate that you’re looking at a large amount of future plumbing costs. A PEX repipe resolves this concern quickly and permanently.

Contact Us Today!
The beauty of a free estimate is… well, it does not cost anything! For anybody who is curious about an affordable PEX repiping accompanied by a lifetime guarantee, contact Repipe Specialists without delay and we’ll send over a technician for a free inspection and provide you with an estimate right away!