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In May of this year my spouse and I contacted numerous companies to put together rates for bids to repipe the house. Not only did Repipe Specialists give us the best quote, we’re extremely satisfied because of the sales person who arrived at our home. Your man was especially skilled and even showed us the actual pipe type that would be used in the house whenever we agreed upon their business to do the job.

After my wife and I talked about a few of the bids, we decided upon Repipe Specialists because of their qualified business techniques. Their labor force came on the morning and time which they stated they’d get started on the repair. Towards the end of the day, the procedure had already been finished. A part of lawn ended up being removed in order to place the plumbing, and the lawn was replaced, and it ended up being hardly noticeable exactly where they dug the trench. After a few weeks since the activity was done, the lawn essentially looks exactly as nice the way it did prior to the work. The next day just after the brand new copper pipes had been put in, the dry wall work was done, and was more than and above our expectations in so far as quality.

A week later, I had to get in touch with Repipe Specialists to get an adjustment done in one of the valves in the upstairs shower. The next morning one of your plumbing experts came to our home to remedy the problems. My wife and I ended up being most pleasantly surprised because the repipe job was completed as assured and on time. So often you hear of contractors who will not respond once the work is performed. This isn’t the case by using Repipe Specialists.“I would personally vouch for Repipe Specialists to my neighbors because of the superior service and also their cost-effective price to complete the job.
- David Stringer

I recently got a repipe for my house rather than trying to manually replace the current pipes. After being given my first price from a plumbing company, I ended up being referred to ‘The Repipe Specialists’. The person on the phone put us at ease right from the beginning. He had an enthusiastic, no hassle personality. This had been surprisingly different than what I experienced with the first company. The preliminary estimate for the repiping, that I earlier picked up a cost estimate for, was at 50% of the price quote from the original company. That’s almost half the cost. I opted for additional add-ons (new hot water heater, main line, and new bathroom fixtures) and still bought it for only 80% of the quote from the other companies.

Compared with the the first outfit’s promise to complete the project in 4 days, your Repipe Specialists team knocked it out in 2 days all round. The work all began 2 days after the contract was signed and the final inspection with the building inspector was obtained following the second day’s work. Superior work, in a timely fashion, for a good price is what I received. You can find others out there that may price match them, but it isn’t likely that you’ll find someone that can do a better job than Repipe Specialists.
- E. Humberstone

My family and I need to compliment Repipe Specialists on a job you did at our house. The efficiency went on from the starting contact when two of your own representatives visited our home for the initial assessment of the challenge. We were wary of possible future disasters that might show up during the course of such a huge customization of our house and disruption of the family day to day life. The explanations of the solution appeared to foresee all our important questions and to lessen them without me having to ask further questions. Also, the assurances were all kept. The project was done fast without sacrificing top rated quality.

Right from day one a group of professionals descended upon the house and began working on various tasks. I was initially frightened that a great number tasks moving on so quick and all at one time can’t possibly be coordinated, but it really became evident that your particular staff members were knowledgeable representatives and had a thorough plan. Activities definitely came together, and in line with the pledged time frame.
“Throughout the project I had been monitoring any issues to make sure that a lot of minor problems were solved, items that I could regret later if I hadn’t insisted in them. But these particular things turned out to be almost none, and whenever I described them to the workers, they handled them quickly and precisely without trace of losing patience or becoming less than professional by any means. I in no way imagined that this type of difficult task would be so easy upon us. I thank your organization and all of your workers for the outstanding job.
- Leon Eymil

I wish to give thanks to your company for remarkable, punctual service when PEX repiping my house. I’m very pleased with your skillfullness. The plasterers work could possibly only be identified as extraordinary. It became a pleasure to observe the men taking such pleasure in their craft. We would have no reservations in recommending your fantastic company!!”
- D. Wyatt
I am able to shower any time I want without having to consult the clothes washer. Thanks so much with regards to your organization!”
- J. Harris, Pasadena, CA
I can’t recall being impressed enough with renovations completed in my house when I genuinely took the time or trouble to write down a note saying ‘thanks.’ As soon as you were here, you spent the time to spell out points good enough for me to have an indication of what was going to be executed. Also, you arrived without delay. Then each phase occured in accordance with the timetable and plan we set up. I preferred getting large team here, to ensure the procedure was completed in one day. They were helpful, did actually have fun with their work, and still had smiles on their faces when we finally were just finishing the last walkthrough a number of hours later.”
- J. Gilford, Valley Village, CA
I recently employed Repipe Specialists to take care of a slab leaks in my home’s water system. I heard a commercial for Repipe Specialists. The particular one point that I really enjoyed about the company was that surface patching of all affected interior walls was included in the estimate. Additional price quotes which I had been given does not include this process and added a lot more costs for the quotes which had been given. The standard of the piping and the use of insulation is the best and recommendations were made available for work testimonials.

I signed a contract which was very complete and covered the specified work procedures to be performed throughout the copper repipe operation. This bundled the replacing of each of the under counter turn off valves, flex pipe to the various toilets and replacing all exterior hose bibs. “The work started a week afterward and the assigned crew directed by Nick got here promptly and approached their job in quite a thorough manner and acted according to the information within the written agreement. The assignment was carried out in 24 hours. While on-site, a city evaluation was also reserved and executed the next work day. Felix and Toby arrived the next business day and managed the inspection task, and jumped right into the patch repair work for internal and outside walls which had to be opened relating to the repipe procedure. The patching job was well done and successfully completed ahead of schedule.

I am genuinely pleased with the caliber of the work carried out, the speed of the copper repipe procedure and with the professionalism and trust of your designated work crews. The amount paid for our copper repipe was actually a excellent investment in my house. Thanks to Repipe Specialists for very good quality work, running on our planned schedule, and empowering me to experience a successful ending to my disastrous home piping headache.
- John C. Street

This letter is to give thanks for the great job done through workforce that you brought to our family home. Their tasks was expertly done plus their behavior was competent, well-mannered and thoughtful. If all your employees are of this caliber, your business is assured of long-term success. Thanks a ton.
- S. Malles, Van Nuys, CA
The full job was done inside of 48 hours. The employees were courteous, thoughtful, compassionate with the challenge, and proficient in the function of the transfer from very poor pressure to wonderful water pressure. Repair of the impacted areas was quick and done right. I brought my spouse out of town so that she hadn’t been inconvenienced in any way. Whereas after the repair was executed so quickly, I quickly recognized that it had not been neccesary. I remained at the house to observe the repipe done. All around We are pleased about the final result.
- Ron Christopher
I decided to use Repipe Specialists Inc. with regards to ads via television and web site – equally very impressive. I was given an instant response soon after my initial communication. Scheduled time with an estimator, comprehensive PEX repiping as well as unexpected additional difficulties located were executed within the same day. City inspection, patching and painting were all finished in only four days. Pick-up was obviously a piece of cake. The workforce worked diligently, without a break; the manager gave me a walk through of the things that would be worked on and he was on-the-job quite often, in addition to supervising but performing work as well.

I have no hestitation in regards to following a gut feeling and selecting Repipe without getting a reference, just pain alleviation, worry-free piping complications and water pressure I’ve rarely experienced. Way to go Repipe Specialists! You genuinely demonstrated thoroughly clean, professional and initiate extremely fast installment. I will not hesitate to strongly recommend your business.
- Georgietta Merritt

A short while ago our pipes were upgraded to copper pipes. Your employees were on time, proficient and clean. The whole lot was thoroughly cleaned prior to when your workers left and the openings and floor tile was replaced as you assured me. Thank you so much!
P.S. We’ve already suggested your business to our neighbors and won’t hesitate about referring you once again.
- A. Joseph, Los Angeles, CA
I’m writing this email for you to post my experience with your business. A complete repiping of my home became a distressing thought and I had no idea which company to use, what had to be accomplished, and just how much money it might cost. I started off finding a wide variety of quotations. When at one point I came across you on the internet. As a result, I gave you a call and made a free consultation for a quote. The gentleman who visited my home was very skilled, polite, and was able to summarize everything in more detail in a method that I would completely grasp. The quote I have been given was manageable and fair. I especially appreciated that your company supplies wall patching services at the same time! Which is another detail that I didn’t need to worry too much about! I booked the day and time for the personnel to begin the work, which materialized within a couple of days since I received my estimate. The installers that came to my home arrived promptly, they were pleasant, competent, and kept a nice and clean work environment. They took special care in safeguarding my flooring and furnishings. As it ended up, they advised my hot water heater get replaced without delay on account of rust and deterioration in which could not see initially. Immediately, they were happy to contact your office and have a brand new one supplied within the hour. I became able to have all the project carried out ahead of due date and as outlined. No unexpected situations, no disguised . service fees, and no aggravations! I’m so relieved that I’ve located Repipe Specialists and will recommend your services to all my friends, family, and colleagues in need of very similar give good results!
- Elizabeth Jeanes, Simi Valley, CA

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