Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look at ratings from your customers?
Yes, we have thousands of satisfied clients and quite a few of them have given recommendations. We receive over 1,000 referrals every year from customers and we are pleased to share their experiences with you. You can check out our Repipe Specialists Testimonials page.

Do you offer Repipe financing?
Yes, call 1-800-REPIPING for details.

How Can I tell if I need a repipe?

Have You Experienced:

• Low water pressure
• Rust-colored water from your faucet
• Getting scalded in the shower if someone else else flushes
• Leaky pipes
• A water bill that rises all of the sudden
• Your house plumbing is over 5 years old along with continuing plumbing problems
• You can feel heat within your floor (hot water leak)
• You or your neighbors has discovered a slab leak
• Your original copper plumbing has developed pin-hole leaks

If you have any of these issues, it’s time to contact Repipe Specialists for a free estimate.

How long does the job take?
Often, we can complete a home repipe in a single day with the city inspection and wall patching following right behind. Your house’s water supply will be shut off during the middle of the working day while we are repiping the house.

How much will it cost to repipe my home?
This depends on the scale of the job along with the materials you want to use, but a safe estimate range is between $3,500 and $9,000.

Is there a guarantee on the service?
Absolutely, our jobs are 100% guaranteed for life.

Will the house be messy in the process?
No. Our technicians are trained to keep your home clean and neat while also protecting your floors and furniture. Plus, we completely clean our job sites after each day. In many cases, we leave the job site cleaner than it was when we started.

Why shouldn’t I call my local plumber?
The simple answer is that a majority of plumbers do not specialize in repipes. We do.

At Repipe Specialists, our considerable repiping experience and knowledge far exceeds that of a plumber or general tradesman. As said before, all we do are repipes, so our repiping process is really so efficient and streamlined that we can expertly repipe your house using the very best quality materials, guarantee our work for life and will often price quote at a rate well under half of what a plumber or contractor would likely charge you.

Additionally, most local plumbers and installers either don’t patch walls after their job or they probably charge additionally to do so. Wall patching is included in your price quote and we clean our job sites so thoroughly that it looks like we were never there.